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Building Intelligence

PIE: Realtime occupancy platform for the next generation of data-driven Facility & Real Estate managers

The Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) is a cloud-based technology platform that makes buildings intelligent by using real-time data. Based on smart algorithms, PIE is able to calculate where and how many people are present in the building. PIE can quickly transform your building into an intelligent building by using existing data infrastructure.

Increase occupancy by 20% or more

Many organisations lack understanding of how their buildings are being used, resulting in under-utilised buildings and excess capacity in real estate. Creating insights in the actual usage of space can significantly reduce costs as the number of square meters be considerably reduced. Floors or even entire locations can be decommissioned or subleased. With PIE, you have a platform that monitors the occupancy of your building(s) 24/7 and provides you all the relevant information through the Building Intelligence Dashboard. Become data-driven with PIE and avoid discussions that are only supported by feelings, assumptions or static data. From now on, you can base your decisions on data.

In the tomorrow that we envision there is no waste in the forms of space, time and energy.

Office space that is not used, universities with under occupied classrooms, people looking for work or study spaces, lighting and climate systems that consume energy when no one is using it; in our view, that is not what the future should look like. A building must work with the people. The elevator should already come down before you even get there, and you should already know instantly where you can find a workstation or meeting room available. Thanks to PIE, both human and building do not waste unnecessary space, time or energy.

Quickly find an available workspace

Over 40% of the people who work in a flex-environment are regularly wasting time trying to find an available workstation. As a result, these people lose precious time and energy. This and the frustration that comes with the lack of information are history when using PIE. Thanks to the different applications that leverage PIE data, such as mobile app Spot or kiosk app Wally, employees of your organisation get real-time insight into the occupancy. This way, they can instantly see where they can find available workspaces. Offer your occupants insights that help them to become happier and more productive!

Use what you already have

The philosophy behind PIE is that we first make use of what is already present in your building. WiFi is the primary source of data, from which we calculate where mobile devices are located in the building. A kind of GPS, but indoors. This will take you from 0 to 90% within no-time. Other data source that can tell us something about where or how many people are inside the building can also be integrated into PIE. These could be an access control, bluetooth beacons, or workspace sensors. Everything that is already available in your building and contributes to the accuracy or enrichment of PIE is something we are keen to integrate!