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Case Study: Growing Joyful Moments with CherryHill Orchards 

Business Overview: CherryHill Orchards (CHO) boasts an impressive 80-year legacy in cultivating cherries. Dedicated to creating bite-sized moments of joy, each cherry from CherryHill is a burst of flavour and happiness. With a commitment to excellence, the orchard seeks to share the delight of its cherries with customers, providing a memorable and authentic experience.

The Challenges

  • CHO aimed to increase sales of gift packs and boxes among Vietnamese customers, particularly businesses. Thus, it faced a challenge to build awareness and foster interest within the Vietnamese market.
  • The brand wished to highlight the unique “Pick Your Cherry” service at the Wardin East and Coldstream orchards, emphasising cherries in season. They also wanted raise the audiences interest and increase sales of Cherry Picking tickets among Asian customers in Melbourne, especially Vietnamese which are their main target audiences during this campaign.
  • Since CHO’s traffic saw a significant difference between weekends and weekdays, the brand struggles to encourage weekday bookings.

The Solution
To address these challenges, I4S partnered with CHO to implement an influencer marketing campaign. Engaging 11 influencers with diverse audiences, the campaign focused on creating authentic, relatable, and uplifting videos to showcase the “Pick Your Cherry” experience. The campaign’s scope included end-to-end management services, covering everything from influencer booking and briefing to schedule management, quality control, and performance tracking.

In addition, we suggested CHO to run Meta ad campaigns to enhance brand awareness among their targeted Vietnamese customers during the cherry season, drive website traffic, and then re-marketing to convert sales, particularly for weekday bookings when they still have available capacity. We customised the ad copy in Vietnamese language to target Vietnamese audiences and create different ad creatives to attract them.

We also assist CHO in organically raising potential customers’ interest, motivation, and demand by sharing real customer experiences and testimonials, as well as asking questions about Cherry Picking in some of the largest and most engaging Vietnamese community groups in Melbourne on Facebook.

The influencer marketing campaign proved highly successful, reaching over 700,000 social media users on Instagram and TikTok. With more than 20,000 organic interactions, the campaign not only surpassed expectations in terms of reach and engagement but also raised awareness of the two orchards, Wardin East and Coldstream. The influencers’ content fostered a positive sentiment around the CherryHill Orchards brand, solidifying its image as a purveyor of joy and quality. This case study stands as a testament to the effectiveness of influencer marketing in connecting with diverse audiences and driving tangible business success.

Throughout the management and optimisation of the Meta ad campaign, we saw a steady improvement in ad performance day by day. Ultimately, we achieved an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 23.25. Compared to the previous year’s campaign, which had a ROAS of only 16.77, our Meta ad campaigns outperformed by approximately 40%. It’s worth noting that Facebook ad costs are increasing significantly each year, making this performance exceptionally impressive.

Regarding the Vietnamese community seeding, our seeding posts received significant interest and interaction among community members. The audience showed keen interest in Cherry Picking activities during the summer and engaged in lively discussions about CHO products and services. This tactic not only helped to generate demand among our target customers but also drove website traffic and facilitated sales conversions for our campaign.

Australia is a vast multicultural country. We could not apply the same strategies and tactics to all groups of audiences. What works for Aussie customers may not resonate with Asians, who possess distinct mindsets, insights, and purchasing behaviours.

Hence, to effectively engage with diverse communities, brands must comprehend these differences, then adjust and tailor their marketing and communication strategies, tactics, channels, and messages accordingly to meet their customers’ needs.

At Intelligence4start, we’ve successfully assisted CHO, a prominent Australian brand, in reaching out to Asian, particularly Vietnamese, customers. We can do the same for your brand too! Let us help you expand your reach and connect with your target Asian audiences effectively. You Dream It, We Do It!