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Corporate Video: Does Your Company Need One?

Video has absolutely become the hottest buzzword in the industry. It is well-established that corporate videos are no longer an option in the marketing strategy. It’s the center of your outreach to increase brand awareness and convert sales.

Many doubts raise around the benefits of video marketing. Intelligence4Start experts have answered some of these, but still, people are confused about the variety of Corporate video concepts. We will go through this concept to understand different categories of a corporate video and find out which one works best for your business need.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a video created by a business or organization to promote a specific aspect of a company to its customers. Corporate videos can be used to serve many different purposes, from brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand purchasing:

  • Company profile video
  • Clients testimonial
  • Recruitment video
  • Commercial video
  • Corporate training video
  • Corporate events

Corporate vs Image: a comparison

According to the latest report from Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service in 2021. Despite the dramatic increase in the number of videos, image remains in its position as one essential type of advertising. We will drill down both pros and cons of videos and images to decide which medium will work best for your brand.

Obviously, the cost of creating an image is much cheaper than producing a video (at the same requirements and quality), not to mention the faster loading speed and size of an image compared to a video. By using the proper type of images, such as infographics, animated photos, or gif, a brand can easily leave an impression on the target audience. Because all of the necessary information is condensed into one image, your customers can scan the intended message right away in a fraction of a second. If your brand is new to the business with a low budget, images are definitely the easiest medium to start with.

On the other hand, the video has its own perks. Namely, a video is a combination of visual, motion, and sound that can appeal to the ultimate senses from viewers, which in turn leave a stronger impression in their minds. Moreover, by adding the audio and subtitles, a brand can deliver more information they want. Needless to say, if you want to accelerate your business to the next level, video is a go-to medium in your marketing strategy.

6 types of Corporate Videos

Company profile video

This type of video helps stakeholders get the big picture of your business. This type of short video can include the products/ services you offer, history, achievement, and qualifications, or the CEO’s messages. Don’t try to put all of the company’s legacy, history, and achievements and make it too long. Your purpose through this video is to personify the brand, introduce your company and raise the interest of people who are new to your company.

The Company profile video of CTBC Bank (Taiwan) showcases the essential information from CTBC, which are core values, missions, visions, achievements through numbers, and the positioning of the brand on the market. Within 2 minutes, through the noticeable numbers, thrilling audio, and other impressive effects, CTBC has successfully introduced its brand to the customers.

Recruitment video

As demonstrated in the name, this type of video is produced to mainly encourage potential candidates to apply for the company. By showing the personality and culture of the company, the company’s office, etc, the business can attract like-minded individuals who satisfy the “cultural-fit” criterion. Traditionally, job advertisements are in the form of images and text. Using a Recruitment video can set your brand apart from other candidates, reach more people and raise the interest of talents by promoting on digital platforms.

Compare to the Company profile video, a recruitment video is more about the people and working culture. However, this type of video can also be seen as an add-on to build the brand image.

The latest recruitment video for Starbucks has highlighted the Career journey of some employees. Those people described their working experience with the brand through their stories and the lessons learned. The video ended with a link to the Career page to encourage the candidates to apply for Starbucks.

Clients testimonials

Testimonial videos are the most direct form to demonstrate your brand’s credibility and connect with potential customers. Filming honest reviews from someone who had previously used your products/ services is the best way to promote the benefits of your products/ services and gain the trust of the customers.

This type of video can be placed on the first page of your website, promote on Social media, and in the Sales Brochures to prove your credibility.

By featuring specific customers in the testimonial video, Salesforce has successfully proved its trustworthiness and gained the trust of potential clients.

Commercial video

A commercial video is one of the most popular types of corporate video. It aims at creating brand awareness to the public and will be placed on the Advertising channels such as Social Media, Digital billboards, etc. Depending on the purpose of the brand and channels, creativity and storytelling will be utilized, the length will be changed and if done well, they can create wonders. For example, a commercial video on television can only last 15 seconds, and on Social media can be longer to attract the attention of viewers.

Apple has done so well with the advertisement for Airpod pro in which the identity of the product (Airpod pro) is shown via lively, colorful, and high-quality sound.

Corporate training video

Training video relates to all kinds of videos that provide knowledge and information for the targeted viewers. Instead of long-winded production descriptions, or boring written employee regulations, corporates can translate them into videos to engage people. We can divide corporate training video into 2 categories:

  • Internal communication training video: the videos are made for internal communication with staff. Videos are used to explain the brand identity and guidelines, employees’ requirements, and so on. The most common type is the training video to educate employees about internal procedures and programs.

Let’s have a look at the training video from Slack. Targeting potential and new Slack users, the brand recorded the webinar and published it on the website so that people can get access to this training session.

  • Training video for external stakeholders: Aiming at customers, it includes FAQ video on the website, product demonstration, usage instruction for a product/ service of brands. This type of video is especially effective if your products have lots of features that are hard to explain. The brand can feature actors, or employees to showcase the instructions, as well as answer the problems in the FAQ videos.

Not only working as an engaging medium, training videos on the website can contribute to the SEO marketing strategy of the brand. When voice search has been on trend recently, FAQ videos with subtitles can help your website rank higher on the Search page when the customers use Alexa or Siri to find the information.

Aiming at B2B customers, Microsoft used video to educate their customers about Microsoft’s enterprise cloud solution. With the mellifluous voiceover and smooth animations, the video itself evokes engagement and sells the message.

Corporate event video

The company always has many events and conferences, such as the Business Conference surrounding industry trends, behavior, and future scope. Such information should be kept and transferred to the rest of the employees, or shared with the stakeholders. Corporate films can also be made for the Company Anniversary for a Special event. Filming those events are a good method to demonstrate your brand’s success and milestones and can be used for future reference.

This is a video to celebrate the 10th-year Anniversary Gala of our client. All of the scenes are captured and edited to demonstrate the spirit of the event, as well as ensure that the brand identity remains in the video.

A corporate video is absolutely receiving more and more attention from Marketers and Managers. Depending on the primary purpose as well as requirements of the company, a corporate video can be both easy and difficult to produce. Of course, different types of corporate videos need to meet different criteria. If you want to produce a video on your own, let’s start from the basics. In case you want to accelerate your Corporate video to the next level, don’t hesitate to ask for help from our experts.