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How to Create Compelling Content for Your Restaurant

Many restaurants do not have a compelling content mix in place for their social marketing strategy, partly getting them stuck in posting repetitive and ineffective posts, featuring only dishes and menu. Having clear and diverse content for your restaurant will help your business reap the benefit of capturing trending topics and staying relevant to your audience. Here are some examples of content types that your restaurant should capitalise on to be off to a great start and amplify your reach.

Types of content

Featuring your signature dishes and recipes to induce them

The first impression counts in the digital world as audiences can decide immediately to stick to your brand further or not. In today’s fast-paced life, a picture is worth more than 1000 words. If your restaurant can hook the audience from the very first second, the rest of your job is much easier. Reading a lengthy menu is a daunting task for any customer and don’t make your social media become such a mean like that. The bottom line is instead of saying “our food is delicious”, “come and try our food”, restaurants should consistently post visually appealing and mouth-watering dishes. Then, these high-quality and enticing photos will explicitly tell who you are and what you offer to the audience.

Telling the story behind your business

Any story behind your business can narrative your brand persona. Telling your audiences your restaurant history, the origin of your dishes or even the restaurant’s vision will make them know you better and keep them stimulated. Like other stories, creating a plot of twists can be more memorable to them. It would be ideal to share the story of your restaurant that came to be and in the end, don’t forget to offer something relatable and resonate with your customers.

Showing off user-generated content and positive feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most trustworthy content restaurants can rely on. Customers’ positive opinions are valuable assets to any restaurants, reflecting customer satisfaction through services offered. And naturally, positive words can disseminate to others, enhancing restaurant image and reputation. Thanks to this, restaurants can not only reap the benefit of attracting more traffic but also strengthen their competitive advantages over others.

Regularly featuring customer feedback on social media channels can become a key point for restaurants in their content strategy. In short, reposting your customers’ feedback is explicitly telling others that your restaurant is worth a try. Make sure that these comments are real and down-to-earth.

These days, it is a trend that most restaurants are taking advantage of the power of customers and influencers to engage with online audiences. Not to mention, 61% of consumers, at some point, have been swayed in their decision making by digital influencers. By tagging food bloggers or influencers, all of their followers can know our restaurants, making it possible for restaurants to reach more audiences.

Getting them entertained by funny memes and quotes

Social media channels are too overloaded if you keep always talking about yourself and trying to sell something. It can be simply just a corner for your customers to burst into laughs, relax, and entertain by seeing any meme or quote making them feel so “them”. If they find your post both informative and entertaining, they will visit your page frequently and in the long term, build a positive relationship with the brand. Not to mention, the more frequently they comment, the more engagement your posts earn. Let get your content less boring by squeezing funny, quirky quotes occasionally.

Keeping them updated with latest promotions and deals

No one can resist the temptation for promotions or discounts. It is our instinct to participate in a game for a chance to win without much effort involved. This is why a lot of restaurants engage and interact with audiences by asking them to tag their friends to win a gift or deal. This tactic is mostly used for grand opening occasions or any campaigns when the restaurants are in hope of enhancing brand awareness for their new opening, boosting sales or simply increasing the number of app downloads. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation for both restaurants and customers. Let your customer fully updated with your promotion and deal if you are about to fulfil these above objectives.

Integrating employee-themed posts

Spotlighting your employees on your newsfeed can help build customer trust and highlight the restaurant’s values. Your employees also are your brand ambassadors. Encouraging them to post with relevant hashtags also creates a source content for your restaurant. Moreover, behind-the-scenes photos or footage of your staff dedicating to each dish truly send out the message that your restaurant does care about your customers and food quality.

Utilising polls for product innovation and content ideas

Sometimes, if your restaurant is struggling with generating ideas for your post, you can turn directly into your customers for advice. Instagram Story is such a means to do so by facilitating an instant and personal conversation in a timely manner. Creating a poll to ask their ideas for new dishes or content ideas that they would love to try or see is extremely helpful to some extent. Tailoring to their need is what all restaurants strive to do. Is it eventually that customers are the ultimate purpose of our business?

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