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Digitalise Your Current Business

In the demanding trend of digitalization, companies have no options but to find ways to quickly implement digital solutions to allow for productive and efficient revolving working conditions.

Digital transformation has become a crucial part of the business strategy with faster and broader adoption of data analytics, AI, application, digital supply networks, and ecommerce. The pay-offs have proved digital transformation to be a worthwhile investment and have, therefore, accelerated many businesses’ long-term digital strategies.

By digitalizing the business, the organization can keep up with the fast-paced change of the market, reach a larger pool of customers regardless of where they live, cut costs, and streamline daily operations.

Optimise Website for Organic Searches

People are searching your products online. If you aren’t in a high rank on Google search result pages, you will miss the opportunities of your competitors. Therefore, you should optimise your website in order to be in front of customers, whenever they need you.

When we’re talking about SEO, we mean organic traffic. Organic traffic means steady and high intentions. When people make a search query about a product or service, they have high intention to buy this product or service. Being in the first page of search engine results proves that your page is highly relevant and people are likely to make purchases from your website.

Standing on the first page is not an easy task. In fact, it requires you lots of time and effort since SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. You won’t see a big difference after one night. However, once you get to a high position, you can enjoy the massive benefits from it, and these benefits last until someone beats you to replace your position. Don’t worry about being beaten, it is as difficult as you get to this high rank. But you should keep your eyes on your SEO strategy and find new opportunities regularly.

Build E-commerce Website

People can’t go out shopping, but they can buy online.

In fact, online shopping is becoming the dominant now because of its convenience. People are busier. They don’t spend much time in a store trying on clothes or putting lipstick on. They browse products on the internet, through their phone, during lunch or when they are in public transport.

It would be a big miss if your retail business doesn’t have a website or an app to let users purchase online. Imagine that when people don’t want or can’t shop in your store, how many customers will you lose?

This is the time to make a move. You should invest in your own online store now.

Building an e-commerce website is not quite as expensive as you thought. For a big corporation selling thousands of products, this is a big investment. However, for a local business selling a limited number of products, building a website is a worthy investment. You can either build a website by yourself or you can hire a professional to do the job for you.

If you have some website building background, creating an e-commerce website using a website builder (WordPress, Shopify, ect.) is an easy task. Otherwise, there are many web design agencies that can help you build a custom and user-friendly e-commerce website.

Digitalise Your Current Business

Social media marketing

An alternative to increase your online presence is regularly posting on social media. This is a good option at this time because social media is free and people spend more time on social media than before.

There are so many ways to use social media for attracting leads and sales. The important consideration here is that you should “put your feet on your customers’ shoes”. Posting the right content needs you to understand what customers are looking for. When you provide the right message, you can build trust and loyalty from your customers.

Do remember to plan your social media content strategy. A successful social media marketing campaign requires a lot of work involved. That’s why you need to plan ahead to follow the right direction from the beginning and gain success later. A strategic social media plan will help you overcome this difficult time!

Buy Online Ads

This is my last recommendation but it is one of the most effective strategies to reach customers and boost online sales. Although it costs you a budget for running an advertising campaign, you can get the results quickly with less effort.

When I say it is an effective strategy, this means online advertising is becoming more result-proven and money-worthy. Online advertising service providers (like Facebook and Google) are providing exceptional targeting features to help your business target the right people, at the right time and the right place. They provide many ways to approach customers. You can advertise to people who already know you, who are still considering you and who have never heard about you but have an interest in the products or services you offer.

Today’s online advertising gives you more control over the budget you want to spend, who you want to expose the ads to and where you want to place your ads. You can build your own advertising strategy, either a small business with a low advertising budget or a big corporation with a large amount of advertising investment.

Most of the tips I recommend here are effective and money-saving strategies. Depending on your business nature and budget, you can find the best combination. Keep in mind that if you don’t expand your online reach, you’ll never get your sales increased.