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Gain More Traffic & Increase Sale Leads

“How to attract more customers to my store?”
That’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions by business owners. As a matter of fact, having a physical store in a (many) prime location(s) is no longer a unique selling point for the brand. Your competitors even have a better place to sell their products or services – digital space.
We know that the competition is hard. If you want to gain more traffic to your stores, and increase sales leads, here are some useful tips we can provide:

Use Ecommerce to Boost Sales

Customer shopping behaviour is constantly changing over the last few decades. The revolution of technology and the internet provides customers with a better shopping experience. These days, people spend less time on offline activities and more time online. They conduct research online rather than go to the store and speak with the salespersons. Buyers also make more direct purchases online via their mobile than in brick-and-mortar stores.

In the e-commerce field, having a website is a must to grow. It is your store on the digital platform to reach customers online.

A highly-rated e-commerce platform should satisfy those criteria:

  • Have a single, unified platform: the systems added into the e-commerce platform should be seamlessly integrated, including accounting, POS, inventory, marketing, customer service, financial solutions, and so on.
  • Deliver excellent customer experience: it must provide a consistent and personalized experience, responsive interfaces on desktop and mobile.
  • Manage the orders in a superior way: include fulfilling and returning orders, managing inventory across all channels and logistics.
  • Support expansion: businesses can easily find any add-on features for different business models, countries, and languages.

You may have many concerns when starting an online store. With the professional experience from our team, your ecommerce website task will no longer be a burden to develop your e-store.

Work with Influencers in Your Industry

Influencer marketing is favourable recently because of the expansion of social media. Today, influencers play an important role in influencing people’s lifestyle and purchase behaviour. With a high number of followers, endorsing a product on influence’s feed will reach many potential customers and have a greater impact on your sales.

To reach those influencers, you should approach the ones who are in your industry and have the same vibe as your business. It is better to approach influencers whose fans are your potential customers. There are many ways to work with influencers. While in most circumstances, endorsing a product won’t be free, you can pitch to them briefly and honestly how your product could be a good fit to their followers and endorse your product could bring value to this influencer. Otherwise, you can give them free samples and sincerely ask them feedback posted on their social media account or go into an agreement to pay compensation.

Gain More Traffic & Increase Sale Leads

Google Advertising

Search engines are the platform for the majority of digital marketing strategies. This is because search engines are the place where your potential customers search for products and services they need.

Google Ads (Pay-per-click) is an advertising platform where advertisers pay money to let their products and services appear in front of customers when they make a search query.

Ads can be shown on either Google and other search sites (Google Search Network) or on websites (Google Display Network).

One thing you must be sure of, Google Ads isn’t free. While posting on social media channels or creating new articles on your website don’t cost you any penny, marketing on search engines needs efforts and budgets. However, advertising on Google search is worthy, due to the fact that Google is the most popular search engine with dominating 83.3% of users on both desktop and mobile. In addition, According to Google, advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

You have full control over your cost by deciding how much you spend per month, day or ad. You can make bid adjustments on Google Ads to maximize your ROI.

Google Ads is an effective marketing strategy that your business should consider to invest in. When you have your targeted keywords and ads copy, Google will assign your position (determined by AdRank) and how much you will pay for a click. To maximize your budget, do remember to prepare good quality ads.

If you don’t know where to start with Google Ad, don’t hesitate to contact our Google Ad experts for professional advice.

Facebook Advertising

With the flourishing of Social Media platforms, there is an increasing number of new social media platforms which are occupying the market. This doesn’t mean people use Facebook less; instead, they spend more time on multiple Social Media platforms. This demonstrates the fact that Social Media advertising or Facebook Ads is still an initial marketing strategy for all small businesses.

Facebook provides advertisers exceptionally specific features to let them use the marketing money effectively. With Ads Manager, you can target audiences with numerous targeting parameters.

Before running a Facebook Ads campaign, you need to answer those questions to make sure your campaign will success:

  • What are your marketing goals?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What type of Ads format for your campaign (video, single image, carousel, etc)?
  • Where do you want your Ads to be seen on Facebook?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have resources to create your creative content?
  • How will you track the performance of your campaign?

In some cases, business owners don’t have time to control all the activities. There are many jobs involved in a Facebook Ads Campaign, such as Research, Strategy, Planning, Creative, Analysis, etc. It is better to hire an expert to do the job for you. Choosing the one that fits your style is a recommendation to ensure you spend your budget efficiently.