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Real estate is a field that is both difficult and potentially profitable. In Australia, there are about 43,000 real estate agents. As a result, having a thorough understanding of Real Estate Marketing is a prerequisite for any real estate company. Whether you are just getting started or an experienced real estate agent looking to develop your brand and attract new clients, our Marketing services specialised for the Real Estate industry will help you run successful marketing campaigns and grow your business.
What are the Best Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents?

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Only having a logo is absolutely not enough; you must have a comprehensive and strong branding kit and message to impress and help your business stand out from more than 43,000 real estate agents in Australia. Creating a killer business card, visually appealing agent profile, brochures and flyers, as well as eye-catching signboards, are very good ways that you can get your brand out and demonstrate your professionalism. People love free goods, from keychains to mugs to pens to can koozies and everything in between; therefore, your real estate agent should offer freebies like that. It’s a great method to brand yourself and keep your services top of mind when it comes to acquiring and retaining new clients.

Real Estate Agency

Due to digital dominance, building and leveraging the online presence is a must-have for every business. You need to invest in a professional and up-to-date Agent Profile video to introduce your real estate business, your services, and what differentiates you from other real estate agents in your area.

Don’t forget to include your client testimonials, any positive media coverage you may have received, and your contributions to the community that you’re proud of. You’ll also need a thorough and mobile-friendly website with all of your property listings, which you should update on a regular basis to keep prospects coming back to your site as they look for homes. Setting up and actively maintaining a local company page on Google and Social Media for your real estate marketing efforts is a must if you want to position yourself as a trusted advisor to prospects, attract interest, and interact with them.

However, there’s no point in building up a complete online presence and generating leads if you’re not able to capture the data accurately and follow up on it. Hence, it’s extremely important for your real estate agent to have an automated CRM system that is synchronised with all of your digital platforms to do these tasks for you, so you can free up your time to focus on more important things.

There’re thousands of properties listed for sale or lease at the same time. So just being clean and tidy is not enough to capture the attention and imagination of buyers or renters. Brilliant photos and staging, drone photography/videography, and even virtual walkthroughs are critical to giving viewers a sneak preview of what the property and surrounding landscape look like. They are even more essential during the COVID-19 lockdown when people cannot physically inspect the home.

When a property is listed for sale or lease, real estate agents offer and charge marketing fees to the vendors as part of their marketing services. As a result, you should hire a competent Marketing partner to accompany you and give high-quality services that are consistent with your brand identity.

How to reach more people, target the correct audiences, and capture their attention are always the top worries of every real estate business in Australia, with millions of Internet users and thousands of real estate agents.

There are many Marketing tactics – from Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Video Marketing to Online/Offline events- we are here to help you pick the right ones based on a deep understanding of your needs. 

Getting visitors to your website or social media channels is not enough. You only have a few seconds to catch their attention, so it’s very important to have a comprehensive system in place to capture your leads. Moreover, due to the high value of the property products, the cost per lead in the Real Estate industry is not cheap at all. However, we have a lot of expertise using various marketing tactics to produce qualified leads for real estate enterprises, such as prospective vendors and buyers/renters. We’re a group of Real Estate Marketing specialists who can help you connect with your target audiences so they may become hot leads and then clients in your Sales and Marketing funnel.

A satisfied testimonial from your clients is worth more than the thousands of advertisements you claim by yourself. Positive feedback is an excellent resource for bolstering your credibility and reliability through your Real Estate Marketing. Whenever you get a client who has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for a testimonial in writing or video via your feedback system and encouraging online reviews.

Then you should make the most of these testimonials by placing them strategically on your website, Google and Facebook Reviews, RateMyAgent, as well as sharing them through your social media channels. Also, how to deal with and respond to a negative review is also very important in Real Estate Marketing.

Building a referral system is another strategy to boost your online marketing efforts. When their friends and family are looking for a real estate agent, this keeps you “top of mind”.

In the long run, you’re not just selling or leasing a house; you can offer your real estate services to a whole town or area. Hence, developing relationships and partnerships with other local businesses will be a key for your Real Estate Marketing efforts to spread your brand recognition. You can start from brochure display to co-host a webinar with local financial brokers, accountants, developers and builders, and even develop a mutual referral program to benefit both parties.

Furthermore, you should consider helping sponsor local festivals, sports teams, community and charity events to get your brand a spot on t-shirts, program pamphlets, posters, banners or flyers. That’s a brilliant way to let everyone in your local area know about you and your business.

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