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Prior to approaching Intelligence4Start, Goddess of Nails & Beauty relied mainly on word-of-mouth marketing and local clients living near the store. Due to the limits and the growth in work-from-home working circumstances, they were unable to generate enough sales, which exacerbated their problems. Because there are fewer people visiting the city, their clientele is cut in half.

Goddess of Nails & Beauty

The results

Walk-in Client Rate
% Enhance
Brand Image
% Leverage

Highly recommended Intelligence4start. An amazing service, professionalism and generous by Peter. He would patiently guide you through the process and explain it every steps along. For someone like me is new to the digital world, he would be there to help you out with honesty, share his experience, what is suitable for your business. His working ethic is above and beyond, and the delivery results is more than you would ask for. So thank you very much Peter and your amazing teams.

Ivy QuinnGoddess Of Nails & Beauty

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Goddess of Nails & Beauty